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ON2 Percussion is the manufacturer and distributor of Drum Slips. Drum Slips precisely wrap around the hardware of marching percussion instruments in order to instantly change the design and color of a drum. Drum Slips are quickly and easily installed by simply removing the drum head. Drum Slips make drums look better than new and allow instant visual coordination with the theme of your show.

Drum Slip FAQ:

Q1. What are Drum Slips?
Drum Slips are precut, interchangeable, nonpermanent wraps that allow you to instantly change the color and appearance of a drum.

Q2. Of what material are Drum Slips made?
Drum Slips are made of a durable vinyl composite.

Q3. How long will Drum Slips last?
With minimal care Drum Slips could last many seasons. They are water-resistant and UV protected.

Q4. How many colors and designs will be available for Drum Slips?
Our Drum Slip library contains a massive selection of complex gradient designs and will grow monthly. New categories of designs will be released over the next several months. For an additional fee, the ability to submit your own design will be an option as well in the near future.

Q5. How do Drum Slips attach to the drum?
Drum Slips, which are precut to precisely fit around the hardware, wrap around the drum and are fastened with an adhesive strip.

Q6. Does the adherence of Drum Slips to the drum damage the drum?
The adhesive fastener makes contact only with the Drum Slip, holding it securely in place with absolutely no possibility of damage to the original drum surface.

Q7. Do you have to take drums apart to install Drum Slips?
The only disassembly necessary to install a Drum Slip is the removal of the heads on tenors, one head on snares, and both heads on bass drums.

Q8. Will Drum Slips be available for all drum brands?
ON2 Percussion is working diligently to provide Drum Slips for as many brands as possible.

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