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Custom DIY Designs

A Custom Design Package allows you to create your very own custom Drum Slip using your own artwork with our Custom Design Template. Download the templates below and follow the instructions. Contact [email protected] for questions.

Photoshop Template > Download Here

Watch the Photoshop Template Tutorial Here                                      

IMPORTANT! Each Custom Design Package fee covers one image file upload for snare drums, one image file upload for bass drums and one image file upload for all tenor drums. If your custom design requires a separate image for each snare drum, each bass drum or each tenor drum, you will need to purchase a Custom Design Package for each individual drum.

The Steps Involved:
1. Download the Custom Design Template above and place your artwork on your template using your own graphic design software.
2. Once you have placed your artwork on the template, save the file.
3. Purchase the Custom Design Package(s) for your corresponding equipment.
4. Once you purchase the Custom Design Package(s).
5. Send a download link of your art to [email protected], it will be reviewed by our design team. (this process takes 24 hours)
6. If you have placed the artwork on your template correctly, your custom order will be manufactured and shipped within 7-14 business days.
7. Your Custom Drum Slips will arrive at your doorstep!

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