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Custom DIY Designs

A Custom Design Package allows you to create your very own custom Drum Slip using your own artwork with our Custom Design Template. Download the templates below and follow the instructions. Contact for questions.

IMPORTANT! Each Custom Design Package fee covers one image file upload for snare drums, one image file upload for bass drums and one image file upload for all tenor drums. If your custom design requires a separate image for each snare drum, each bass drum or each tenor drum, you will need to purchase a Custom Design Package for each individual drum.

The Steps Involved:
1. Download the Custom Design Template above and place your artwork on your template using your own graphic design software.
2. Once you have placed your artwork on the template, save the file.
3. Purchase the Custom Design Package(s) for your corresponding equipment.
4. Once you purchase the Custom Design Package(s).
5. Send a download link of your art to, it will be reviewed by our design team. (this process takes 24 hours)
6. If you have placed the artwork on your template correctly, your custom order will be manufactured and shipped within 7-14 business days.
7. Your Custom Drum Slips will arrive at your doorstep!

For more information about the Custom Design Package, please read the information below:

IMPORTANT: Custom Design Packages require you to open, edit, and save the Custom Design Template in your own graphic design software to upload your custom artwork. If you are not familiar with graphic art software, and do not consider yourself to be a graphic artist, it will be necessary for you to locate an artist to assist you with the placement of your custom design on the Custom Drum Slip Template

***ON2 Percussion does not assist with the design portion of the Custom Design Package at this time.***

How To Preview Your Design

Tips For Creating Designs

It is important to understand that when placing artwork on Tenors and Bass Drums, all artwork that does not exist within the template for your drums will NOT be printed on your Custom Drum Slips.

If you wish to have multiple custom designs for the same type of drum, it is necessary for you to purchase additional Custom Drum Slip Design Packages for every additional design.

Now your work is done.

7-14 Business Days + Shipping Time after your template is approved, you will receive your Drum Slip(s).

Custom Drum Slips are just as quick and easy to install as regular Drum Slips!

Options Include:
Add Manufacturer's Emblem Incision - Select this option if you have not removed your drum's factory emblem.
Exclude Manufacturer's Emblem Incision - Select this option if you have removed your drum's factory emblem.

Drum Slips are pre-cut, interchangeable, non-permanent wraps that precisely fit around the hardware of a drum so that you can instantly change its appearance. Made of a water-resistant, UV protected, durable vinyl composite, Drum Slips are very simple to install, requiring only the removal of drum heads (only the bottom head needs to be removed for snare drum installation). With the hardware protruding through pre-cut openings, Drum Slips are secured with a single adhesive strip making them non-damaging to the original surface of the drum and easy to remove and/or interchange. Colors and designs are limitless, including pre-made and custom options.

New to Drum Slips? Click here to watch our product introduction video.

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: Drum Slips are specifically designed for certain versions of current model marching percussion instruments (compare your equipment with the images of compatible equipment below before purchasing).

Percussion instruments that vary from the compatible equipment, however, can usually be modified by the purchaser to fit, but ON2 Percussion doesn’t guarantee the fit of non-compatible equipment. Equipment with manufacturer installed wraps removed or equipment with stained finishes will not fit as precisely as equipment with manufacturer installed wrapped finishes. It may be necessary for you to slightly modify your Drum Slips to fit your equipment. Such modifications may include cutting out openings for older model air hole locations and trimming tenor mount and spacer openings. Other minor Drum Slip trimming may be required as well. Drum Slips are designed with cutouts that are slightly larger than the actual drum hardware in order to accommodate inconsistencies in hardware type and placement from the drum manufacturer. Because of this, it is important to take into consideration the existing color of your drums and the chosen color of your Drum Slip design when purchasing Drum Slips, as the existing color of your drum will show slightly around the drum hardware (lug casings, air holes, spacers, etc.). Drum Slips are made to order and are non-refundable.

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