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The custom design process allows you to customize your Drum Slips with artwork that you have purchased or created yourself.

There are important details to consider prior to submitting your design; specifically, artwork should be submitted large enough so the print does not pixelate, large enough so you're happy with the detail of the final print, and small enough so the file is manageable and transferable. Artwork should only be submitted using the templates below.

File format should be in the form of a JPG. Our graphics department will inform you if your artwork does not meet the above criteria.

All Artwork Must Be Submitted Using the Templates Below.

> Download Templates Here <


Once your artwork is complete, place your order online. (If you only want a quote choose "Quote" as the payment option and a detailed quote will be sent to your email address. You can notify us when you are ready to change the quote to an actual order.) After your order is placed, email your artwork dropbox link, along with the order number to (Note: Do not submit your artwork if you have only placed a quote.)

From there, our graphics department will create one render/preview of your design on 3D drum models for approval before manufacturing. If you want changes made to your design by our graphics specialists, additional fees may apply.

ON2 Percussion can create custom designs by special request and additional fees will apply. Email for details.

Mapex Bass Drum Tension Post Widths
  Older Mapex Quantum Bass Drums that are equipped with REAR SKEWED EMBLEMS on the back of the drum between the carrier eye bolts came with two different tension post widths. There is no way to identify the differences other than measuring the width yourselves. The differences between the two variations are marginal, but will require a specific Drum Slip for each variation.

Taking the measurement is very simple. Measure from the center of the tension post sleeves as seen below:

14" through 28"x14" Bass Drums with Wide Tension Posts will be 7-1/8" wide.
28"x15" Bass Drums with Wide Tension Posts will be _____ wide.
30" and 32" Bass Drums with Wide Tension Posts will be 9-1/8" wide.

14" through 26" Bass Drums with Narrow Tension Posts will be 6-5/16" wide.
28" Bass Drums with Narrow Tension Posts will be 7-5/16" wide
30" and 32" Bass Drums with Narrow Tension Posts will be _____ wide

Please do not forget to list these measurements along with the corresponding drum sizes in the field at the bottom of the ordering page.
ON2 Percussion Custom Artwork Package


How do I contact you?
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