Tips for Creating Designs for your Custom Drum Slips

Tips for Creating Designs for your Custom Drum Slips

You finally have the tools to create your own artwork, place it on your marching drums, and wow the crowds, not only with your chops skills, but also with your creative genius. How cool is that? You can totally customize your drumline to match the theme of your show, have school colors with mascots on the drums, or have the drums color coordinate with a specific occasion. Drum Slips now have the power to make it happen, while still maintaining their other super powers of being completely interchangeable and quick and easy to install.

Below you will find links to assist you with the design process of Custom Drum Slips. What we have compiled for you are only suggestions offered by the ON2 Percussion design team. We have learned a great deal about the procedures in creating designs for Drum Slips, and we want to share that knowledge with you. Before we begin, we will list a few key details that you need to keep in mind while designing your Custom Drum Slips.

  • In what type of performance will the Drum Slips be used?
    Keep in mind that Custom Drum Slips can be incredibly visually powerful. You will have the ability to place absolutely any design, shape, and color on your drum. The only limitation is your own imagination. If you are designing for a bold, loud, bright show, it may be best to create a Custom Drum Slip with bold, loud, bright designs! If you are designing for a calm, classical show, it may be more appropriate to choose a design that has a more serene look to it; so as not to visually overpower the other elements of the ensemble.
  • How much detail should I put into my custom design?
    Although we would all like to make our Drum Slips as crazy and insanely detailed as we possibly can, it's important to consider the environment in which your drumline will be performing.

    If performing outdoors: If your drumline will be performing with a marching band, keep in mind that most audiences will be seated in the stadium while the performers will be on the field. This means that any intricate detail on the drums will most likely not be seen from the audience’s perspective. You may want to consider a more basic design that will catch the eye of spectators from a distance.

    If performing indoors: If your drumline will be performing in an indoor arena, such as on a basketball court, the audience will be much closer to the performers. In this case, an intricate and detailed design may be appropriate, as it can be seen and identified by the audience. Keep in mind that, while you and your group are very familiar with your theme, most of the audience is experiencing your performance for the first time, and the theme or significance of your performance may not be as obvious to them as you might think.
  • Should my Snares, Tenors, and Bass drums all share the same design layout?

Most groups will prefer a uniform look across their snares, tenors, and bass drums; however, it is unfortunately impossible to create a single design layout that is consistent for all instrument sections due to the differences in physical properties of each drum type. That should not, however, discourage you from using the same design What it does mean is that the design you create can be placed on each instrument, but will not carry the same layout across all three instrument sections. For example, if you place artwork front and center on a snare drum, and place the same artwork on a tenor shell, the simple fact is that the bottom half of the design will be chopped off on tenors due to their angled cut shells. Bass drums, in the same realm, will lose the horizontal aspects of the design if kept to scale and will not have enough design to wrap around the shell vertically. There is no right or wrong way to overcome this obstacle, but you will be forced to make choices that best fit your design and instrumentation. Our section on artwork placement dissects this topic in great detail, and we've gone to great lengths to provide you with helpful tips and suggestions to assist you in making the best decisions.

As we all know, design choices are completely subjective. We here at ON2 Percussion have only made this section of design tips and suggestions available you, in case you desire help in creating the best design possible.

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